Model Mathematics

Component: environment

Component: rate_constants


Component: cytosolic_calcium

ddtimeCa_i=-kappa_L1+kappa_P1+gammakappa_L2+kappa_P2Ca_i+gammakappa_L2Ca_s+kappa_L1Ca_o Ca_i_ss = Ca_o 1.0 + kappa_P1 kappa_L1

Component: subspace_calcium

dd time Ca_s = kappa_L2 + kappa_P2 Ca_i - kappa_L2 Ca_s Ca_s_ss = Ca_i_ss 1.0 + kappa_P2 kappa_L2
Model Curation
  • Curation Status c2
  • JSim c0
  • COR c2
  • OpenCell c2
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