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Sveiczer, Csikasz-Nagy, Gyorffy, Tyson, Novak, 2000
Modeling the fission yeast cell cycle: quantized cycle times in wee1- cdc25Delta mutant cells.
Swanson, True, Lin, Buhler, Vessella, Murray, 2001
A Quantitative Model for the Dynamics of Serum Prostate-Specific Antigen as a Marker for Cancerous Growth
Switching from Simple to Complex Oscillations in Calcium Signaling
Synchronized Scene Viewer
Tabak, Mascagni, Bertram, 2010
Mechanism for the Universal Pattern of Activity in Developing Neuronal Networks
Tabak, Toporikova, Freeman, Bertram, 2007
Low dose of dopamine may stimulate prolactin secretion by increasing fast potassium currents
Ten Tusscher, Noble, Noble, Panfilov, 2004
A model for human ventricular tissue
ten Tusscher, Panfilov, 2006
Alternans and spiral breakup in a human ventricular tissue model.
Terkildsen, Niederer, Crampin, Hunter, Smith, 2008
Using Physiome standards to couple cellular functions for rat cardiac excitation-contraction
Testing linkage between SVG images and CellML/SED-ML documents
Testing linkage between SVG images and CellML/SED-ML documents
Teusink, Westerhoff, Snoep, Passarge, Reijenga, Esgalhado, van der Weijden, Schepper, Walsh, Bakker, van Dam, 2000
Can yeast glycolysis be understood in terms of in vitro kinetics of the constituent enzymes? Testing biochemistry.
Tham, Wang, Soo, Lee, Lee, Yong, Goh, Holford, 2008
A pharmacodynamic model for the time course of tumor shrinkage by gemcitabine + carboplatin in non-small cell lung cancer patients
The Glucose-induced Switch Between Glycogen Phosphorylase and Glycogen Synthase in the Liver: Outlines of a Theoretical Approach
The Lorenz Attractor, a classical mathematical model
The Noble (1962) cell model
The Noble (1962) cell model
The ORd human ventricular action potential model
The Renal Nephron
The Renal Nephron
Thomas, 2000
Inner medullary lactate production and accumulation: a vasa recta model
Thomsen, Neubig, 1989
Rapid kinetics of alpha 2-adrenergic inhibition of adenylate cyclase. Evidence for a distal rate-limiting step
Tolic, Mosekilde, Sturis, 2000
Modelling the Insulin-Glucose Feedback System: The Significance of Pulsatile Insulin Secretion
Tomida, Hirose, Takizawa, Shibasaki, Iino, 2003
NFAT functions as a working memory of Ca2+ signals in decoding Ca2+ oscillation
Tong, Choi, Kharche, Holden, Zhang, Taggart, 2011
Tong, Tribe, Smith, Taggart, 2014
Topp, Promislow, de Vries, Miura, Finegood, 2000
A Model of Beta-Cell Mass, Insulin, and Glucose Kinetics: Paythways to Diabetes
Tran, Smith, Loiselle, Crampin, 2009
A Thermodynamic Model of the Cardiac Sarcoplasmic/Endoplasmic Ca(2+) (SERCA) Pump
Tran, Smith, Loiselle, Crampin, 2009
A metabolite-sensitive, thermodynamically-constrained model of cardiac cross-bridge cycling: Implications for force development during ischemia
Two compartment model of diazepam biotransformation in an organotypical culture of primary human hepatocytes
Tyson, 1991
Modeling the Cell Division Cycle:cdc2 and Cyclin Interactions
Tyson, Hong, Thron, Novak, 1999
A Simple Model of Circadian Rhythms Based on Dimerization and Proteolysis of PER and TIM
Ueda, Hagiwara, Kitano, 2001
Robust oscillations within the interlocked feedback model of Drosophila circadian rhythm
van Beek, 2007
Adenine nucleotide-creatine-phosphate module in myocardial metabolic system explains fast phase of dynamic regulation of oxidative phosphorylation
van Capelle, Durrer, 1980
Computer simulation of arrhythmias in a network of coupled excitable elements
Van der Pol, Van der Mark, 1928
The Heartbeat Considered as a Relaxation Oscillation, and an Electrical Model of the Heart.
Van Goor, LeBeau, Krsmanovic, Sherman, Catt, Stojilkovic, 2000
Amplitude-Dependent Spike-Broadening and Enhanced Ca2+ Signaling in GnRH-Secreting Neurons
Vasalou, Henson, 2010
A multiscale model to investigate circadian rhythmicity of pacemaker neurons in the suprachiasmatic nucleus
Vaseghi, Baumeister, Rizzi, Reuss, 1999
In Vivo Dynamics of the Pentose Phosphate Pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Vempati, Karagiannis, Popel, 2007
A Biochemical Model of Matrix Metalloproteinase 9 Activation and Inhibition
Vendelin, Kongas, Saks, 2000
Regulation of mitochondrial respiration in heart cells analyzed by reaction-diffusion model of energy transfer
Ventricular mechanics in diastole: material parameter sensitivity.
Viewing the PCA visualiser for the Medrano-Gracia model
Vilar, Jansen, Sander, 2006
Signal processing in the TGF-beta superfamily ligand-receptor network
Vilar, Kueh, Barkai, Leibler, 2002
Mechanisms of noise-resistance in genetic oscillators
Vinnakota, Kemp, Kushmeric, 2006
Dynamics of Muscle Glycogenolysis Modeled with pH Time Course Computation and pH-Dependent Reaction Equilibria and Enzyme Kinetics
Vinnakota, Rusk, Palmer, Shankland, Kushmeric, 2010
Common Phenotype of Resting Mouse EDL and SOL Muscles: EDL
Virtual Bacterial Photography
Viswanathan, Shaw, Rudy, 1999
Effects of IKr and IKs heterogeneity on action potential duration and its rate dependence: a simulation study (Midmyocardial Cell Model)
Volume mesh of liver
Wanant, Quon, 2000
Insulin receptor binding kinetics: modeling and simulation studies
Wang, Cirit, Haugh, 2009
PI3K-dependent cross-talk interactions converge with Ras as quantifiable inputs integrated by Erk
Wang, Huang, Huang, 2006
A quantitative kinetic model for ATP-induced intracellular Ca2+ oscillations
Wang, Li, Kuang, 2007
Mathematical modeling and qualitative analysis of insulin therapies
Wang, Lin, Lin, Wu, 2008
Effect of riluzole on action potential in cultured human skeletal muscle cells
Wang, Sobie, 2008
Mathematical model of the neonatal mouse ventricular action potential
Warashina, Ogura, 2004
Modeling of simulation-secretion coupling in a chromaffin cell
Warren, Tawhai, Crampin, 2010
Mathematical modelling of calcium wave propagation in mammalian airway epithelium: evidence for regenerative ATP release
Waugh, Sherratt, 2006
Macrophage Dynamics in Diabetic Wound Healing
Waugh, Sherratt, 2007
Modeling the effects of treating diabetic wounds with engineered skin substitutes
Webb, Sherratt, Fish, 2002
Cells behaving badly: a theoretical model for the Fas/FasL system in tumour immunology
Wein, D'Amato, Perelson, 1998
Mathematical analysis of antiretroviral therapy aimed at HIV-1 eradication or maintenance of low viral loads
Weinstein, 1998
A mathematical model of the inner medullary collecting duct of the rat: acid/base transport
Weinstein, 2000
A mathematical model of the outer medullary collecting duct of the rat
Westermark, Lansner, 2003
A Model of Phosphofructokinase and Glycolytic Oscillations in the Pancreatic Beta-cell
Wierschem, Bertram,
Complex bursting in pancreatic islets: a potential glycolytic mechanism
Wilkins, Sneyd, 1998
Intercellular Spiral Waves of Calcium
Winograd, Destexhe, Sanchez-Vives, 2008
Hyperpolarization-activated graded persistent activity in the prefrontal cortex
Winslow, Rice, Jafri, Marban, O'Rorke, 1999
Mechanisms of Altered Excitation-Contraction Coupling in Canine Tachycardia-Induced Heart Failure, II Model Studies
Winslow, Rice, Jafri, Marban, O'Rorke, 1999
Mechanisms of Altered Excitation-Contraction Coupling in Canine Tachycardia-Induced Heart Failure, II Model Studies
Wodarz, 2003
Evolution of Immunological Memory and the Regulation of Competition between Pathogens
Wodarz, Hamer, 2007
Infection dynamics in HIV-specific CD4 T cells: Does a CD4 T cell boost benefit the host or the virus?
Wodarz, Jansen, 2003
A dynamical perspective of CTL cross-priming and regulation: implications for cancer immunology
Wodarz, Nowak, 1999
Specific therapy regimes could lead to long-term immunological control of HIV
Wodarz, Sierro, Klenerman, 2007
Dynamics of killer T cell inflation in viral infections
Wolf, Heinrich, 2000
Effect of cellular interaction on glycolytic oscillations in yeast: a theoretical investigation
Wolf, Passarge, Somsen, Snoep, Heinrich, Westerhoff, 2000
Transduction of Intracellular and Intercellular Dynamics in Yeast Glycolytic Oscillations
Wolf, Sohn, Heinrich, Kuriyama, 2001
Mathematical analysis of a mechanism for autonomous metabolic oscillations in continuous culture of Saccharomyces cerevisae
Workflows for analysis of valvular and aortic disease
Wu, Jeneson, Beard, 2006
Oxidative ATP Synthesis in Skeletal Muscle is Controlled by Substrate Feedback
Wu, Yang, Vinnakota, Beard, 2007
Computer Modeling of Mitochondrial Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle, Oxidative Phosphorylation, Metabolite Transport, and Electrophysiology
Yamaguchi, Takaki, Matsubara, Yasuhara, Suga, 1996
Constancy and variability of contractile efficiency as a function of calcium and cross-bridge kinetics: simulation
Yanagihara, Noma, Irisawa, 1980
Reconstruction of sino-atrial node pacemaker potential based on the voltage clamp experiments
Yang, Clark, Bryan, Robertson, 2003
The myogenic response in isolated rat cerebrovascular arteries: smooth muscle cell model
Yang, Tong, McCarver, Hines, Beard, 2006
Population-Based Analysis of Methadone Distribution and Metabolism Using an Age-Dependent Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Model
Yasumura, Suga, 1988
Crossbridge Model Compatible with the Linear Relationship between Left Ventricular Oxygen Consumption and Pressure-Volume Area
Yates, Stark, Klein, Antia, Callard, 2007
Understanding the slow depletion of memory CD4+ T cells in HIV infection
Yi, Fogelson, Keener, Peskin, 2003
A Mathematical Study of Volume Shifts and Ionic Concentration Changes during Ischemia and Hypoxia
Youm, Kim, Han, Kim, Joo, Leem, Goto, Noma, Earm, 2006
A mathematical model of pacemaker activity recorded from mouse small intestine
Zager, Schlosser, Tran, 2007
A delayed nonlinear PBPK model for genistein dosimetry in rats
Zeng, Laurita, Rosenbaum, Rudy, 1995
Two Components of the Delayed Rectifier K+ Current in Ventricular Myocytes of the Guinea Pig Type
Zhang, Holden, Kodama, Honjo, Lei, Varghese, Boyett, 2000
Mathematical models of action potentials in the periphery and center of the rabbit sinoatrial node.