Changelog Entries

Date Author Log
2010-06-22 02:24 +1200 Catherine Lloyd <> Removed xml:base="" from all 3 model files.
2010-05-17 13:05 +1200 Dougal Cowan fixed two minor highlight errors
2010-05-14 15:38 +1200 Hanne@hanne-nielsens-macbook.local Changed session file so all traces appear, CTNaCl works but doesn't highlight
2010-05-14 15:30 +1200 Hanne@hanne-nielsens-macbook.local Made new session file, still to activate two traces CTKCl nd CTNaCl
2010-05-13 13:04 +1200 Hanne@hanne-nielsens-macbook.local Added images in ai and svg format and integrated SVG into session file
2010-04-28 15:31 +1200 Geoff Nunns <> Added title to different variants in RDF.
2009-10-27 08:29 +1300 Catherine Lloyd <> Increased the size of the stimulus amplitude to -20mV and also inreased GNa to 11.55 after Oleg Aslanidi (author) pointed out to me that these were the original values used in the Benson et al model. These changes increased the AP peak to ~40mV as seen in Figure 3a of the paper.
2009-10-20 12:48 +1300 Catherine Lloyd <> Added files to the workspace for the first time.