Date Author Log Options Exposure
2010-12-03 Mike Cooling updated SVPs 12,13 and 16 to include their Templates... [files] [tgz] [zip] Bugbuster Systems Model
2010-12-03 Mike Cooling Added some missing namespaces... [files] [tgz] [zip]
2010-12-03 Mike Cooling adjusted import statements to point to embedded workspaces [files] [tgz] [zip]
2010-12-03 Mike Cooling Updated to use embedded workspaces. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2010-05-27 mcoo001 Adjusted PMR2 metadata and placed it in the separate file 'PMR2metadata.cellml'. [files] [tgz] [zip] Bugbuster Systems Model
2010-05-27 mcoo001 Adjusted PMR2 keyword metadata [files] [tgz] [zip]
2010-05-26 Catherine Lloyd Edited metadata. The only way I could get the limited metadata to be correct was to comment out the list of the model developers - because there seems to be no category for this. The metadata is still there, it will just need to be revealed when the model is ready - otherwise it breaks the rest. Also even the correct metadata will propobaly not display correctly. At least it is in place for future iterations of PMR2. [files] [tgz] [zip] Bugbuster Systems Model
2010-05-25 Mike Cooling Added PMR2 Keyword metadata to the main Bugbuster CellML file [files] [tgz] [zip] Bugbuster Systems Model
2010-01-11 mcoo001 Added a title to description index.html [files] [tgz] [zip] Bugbuster Systems Model
2010-01-11 mcoo001 Added a description file for the Exposure [files] [tgz] [zip]
2009-07-06 mcoo001 Added Diagram and Output Figure [files] [tgz] [zip]
2009-07-01 mcoo001 Initial Commit. [files] [tgz] [zip]