Changelog Entries

    Date Author Log
    2013-02-01 Dougal Cowan removed obsolete references to ex* files.
    2012-11-27 Dougal Cowan Trying to fix my dodgy merge due to failed pull previously; - back to FieldML 0.5 - minor JSON changes
    2012-11-27 Dougal Cowan Merge
    2012-11-27 Dougal Cowan first attempt to convert to FieldML Zinc viewer exposure
    2012-11-27 Dougal Cowan Moved FieldML files back into root
    2012-05-15 Tommy Yu Updated json for pmr2.fieldml-0.5
    2012-01-12 alan wu Updated fieldml file to 0.5.
    2011-11-30 Alan Wu Update heart.xml to be compatible with FieldML version0.4.2.
    2011-06-28 Caton Little Updated heart.xml to use FieldML 0.4
    2011-03-29 Dougal Cowan deleted element points (computed fields do not exist in the data files)
    2011-03-29 Dougal Cowan deleted streamlines, attempting to get element points working
    2011-03-28 Dougal Cowan experimenting with streamlines in the JSON
    2011-03-28 Dougal Cowan fixed surface to copper, and hopefully fixed the xiFace issue
    2011-03-28 Dougal Cowan added gold inner surface to JSON
    2011-03-28 Dougal Cowan new material test for the zinc viewer view
    2011-02-15 Tommy Yu Adding files and modifications for the json based zinc viewer.
    2010-10-20 Dougal Cowan Made suggested changes. Fixed the URL to the FieldML sub-directory.
    2010-10-19 dcowan added FieldML dir link
    2010-10-19 dcowan added DOI link to both the RDF and the index.html documentation
    2010-10-15 Randall Britten Demonstration of FieldML 0.2 beta format by Richard Christie, Caton Little and Randall Britten. FieldML 0.2 beta does have support for time varying DOFs, however, none of the FieldML 0.2 capable software has support for time varying DOFs read from FieldML, hence a workaround is used for this demonstration, and is intended to be fixed in the near future.
    2010-10-15 Randall Britten Just testing pushd access to workspace on
    2010-10-15 Dougal Cowan fixed yet another em-dash in the abstract
    2010-10-15 Dougal Cowan Stripped out non-ascii characters
    2010-10-15 Dougal Cowan fixed the wrong character in the citation (em-dash?)
    2010-10-15 Dougal Cowan Corrected title in RDF - hopefully this RDF works.
    2010-10-15 Dougal Cowan Fixed the broken RDF
    2010-10-15 Dougal Cowan Updated the RDF and HTML documentation with the correct citation.
    2010-10-15 Dougal Cowan Removed old RDF template file
    2010-10-15 Dougal Cowan Added files for deforming heart exposure