Changelog Entries

Date Author Log
2013-01-31 Dougal Cowan removed obsolete references to ex-files.
2012-11-20 Alanwu Update heart model to use FieldML description.
2012-05-15 Tommy Yu Updated json for pmr2.fieldml-0.5
2012-01-12 alan wu Updated fieldml file to 0.5.
2011-12-05 Alan Wu Update heart.xml in the heart model to FieldML0.4.2.
2011-06-28 Caton Little Updated heart.xml to use FieldML 0.4
2011-03-02 Alan Wu Updated json file to draw element points and set the viewing angle.
2011-02-21 Alan Wu Removed unnecessary elements in heart.json file.
2011-02-15 Tommy Yu Adding files and statements to enable the json zinx viewer.
2010-10-13 Dougal Cowan Completed the update of the information for this model. The new PMID and correct title/abstract are given.
2010-10-13 Dougal Cowan Fixed the reference information in the RDF to cite the correct paper.
2010-09-17 Randall Britten Sketch showing roughly how the objects in heart.xml are connected.
2010-09-06 Randall Britten Demonstration of FieldML 0.2 ? format by Richard Christie, Caton Little and Randall Britten. Representation using FieldML 0.2 ? format of heart model's geometry, converted from of original heart.exnode/heart.exelem dog heart model using a custom conversion which sampled the original 60 element model geometric field. This model consists of 60 elements with RC coordinates interpolated using tri-quadratic Lagrange basis, original used prolate spheriodal coordinates, with 60 bi-cubic-hermite by linear elements. The fibre field has not been converted yet. Files: heart.xml = the fieldml model heart_mesh.connectivity = bulk connectivity data (27 local to global node indexes for each element) heart_mesh.node.coordinates = bulk coordinate parameters (3 RC coordinates per node) fieldml_heart.cmgui = cmgui command file to show (Note: only runs in as yet unreleased development versions of cmgui.) fieldml_heart.png = image of the triquadratic heart
2010-08-13 Tommy Yu Added image.
2010-06-03 Tommy Yu forgot dcterms namespace
2010-06-01 Tommy Yu Updated documentation.
2010-05-31 Tommy Yu Initial commit of the heart model (example a3 from CMISS)