Changelog Entries

Date Author Log
2009-10-30 Pulasthi Uploading of schematic diagrams
2009-08-25 jonna Created folders (and files) to recreate Figures 2B and 2C.
2009-08-25 David Nickerson adding the graphing metadata description of Figure 2A and an example plot image generated using the metadata with CellMLSimulator
2009-08-24 David Nickerson adding cmeta:id's for the variables required for graphing
2009-08-24 David Nickerson correct the expected time scale for the simulation descriptions
2009-08-24 David Nickerson adding the isoform B and F variants of the experiment model
2009-08-24 David Nickerson creating an experiment model describing the isoform A parameterization and simulation for reproducing figure 2A
2009-08-24 David Nickerson adding initial decomposition of the three isoform models used to reproduce Figure 2A from the Marcano et al article. Separating the three parameterisations from the common mathematical model.
2009-08-24 jonna Files to recreate Figure 2 of Marcano et al 2009