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C There are a total of 0 entries in the algebraic variable array.
C There are a total of 16 entries in each of the rate and state variable arrays.
C There are a total of 55 entries in the constant variable array.
C VOI is time in component environment (hour).
C STATES(1) is MP in component MP (nanomolar).
C CONSTS(47) is vsP in component MP (flux).
C CONSTS(1) is vmP in component MP (flux).
C CONSTS(2) is kdmp in component MP (first_order_rate_constant).
C CONSTS(3) is KAP in component MP (nanomolar).
C CONSTS(4) is KmP in component MP (nanomolar).
C CONSTS(5) is vstot in component model_parameters (flux).
C CONSTS(6) is n in component model_parameters (dimensionless).
C STATES(2) is BN in component BN (nanomolar).
C STATES(3) is MC in component MC (nanomolar).
C CONSTS(48) is vsC in component MC (flux).
C CONSTS(7) is vmC in component MC (flux).
C CONSTS(8) is kdmc in component MC (first_order_rate_constant).
C CONSTS(9) is KAC in component MC (nanomolar).
C CONSTS(10) is KmC in component MC (nanomolar).
C STATES(4) is MB in component MB (nanomolar).
C CONSTS(49) is vsB in component MB (flux).
C CONSTS(11) is vmB in component MB (flux).
C CONSTS(12) is kdmb in component MB (first_order_rate_constant).
C CONSTS(13) is KIB in component MB (nanomolar).
C CONSTS(14) is KmB in component MB (nanomolar).
C CONSTS(15) is m in component model_parameters (dimensionless).
C STATES(5) is PC in component PC (nanomolar).
C CONSTS(50) is ksP in component model_parameters (first_order_rate_constant).
C CONSTS(16) is Kp in component model_parameters (nanomolar).
C CONSTS(17) is Kdp in component model_parameters (nanomolar).
C CONSTS(18) is k3 in component model_parameters (second_order_rate_constant).
C CONSTS(19) is k4 in component model_parameters (first_order_rate_constant).
C CONSTS(20) is kdn in component model_parameters (first_order_rate_constant).
C CONSTS(51) is V1P in component model_parameters (flux).
C CONSTS(21) is V2P in component model_parameters (flux).
C STATES(6) is PCP in component PCP (nanomolar).
C STATES(7) is PCC in component PCC (nanomolar).
C STATES(8) is CC in component CC (nanomolar).
C CONSTS(52) is ksC in component model_parameters (first_order_rate_constant).
C CONSTS(22) is kdnc in component model_parameters (first_order_rate_constant).
C CONSTS(23) is V1C in component model_parameters (flux).
C CONSTS(24) is V2C in component model_parameters (flux).
C STATES(9) is CCP in component CCP (nanomolar).
C CONSTS(25) is vdPC in component model_parameters (flux).
C CONSTS(26) is Kd in component model_parameters (nanomolar).
C CONSTS(27) is vdCC in component model_parameters (flux).
C CONSTS(28) is k1 in component model_parameters (first_order_rate_constant).
C CONSTS(29) is k2 in component model_parameters (first_order_rate_constant).
C CONSTS(53) is V1PC in component model_parameters (flux).
C CONSTS(30) is V2PC in component model_parameters (flux).
C STATES(10) is PCCP in component PCCP (nanomolar).
C STATES(11) is PCN in component PCN (nanomolar).
C CONSTS(31) is k7 in component model_parameters (second_order_rate_constant).
C CONSTS(32) is k8 in component model_parameters (first_order_rate_constant).
C CONSTS(54) is V3PC in component model_parameters (flux).
C CONSTS(33) is V4PC in component model_parameters (flux).
C STATES(12) is PCNP in component PCNP (nanomolar).
C STATES(13) is IN in component IN (nanomolar).
C CONSTS(34) is vdPCC in component model_parameters (flux).
C CONSTS(35) is vdPCN in component model_parameters (flux).
C STATES(14) is BC in component BC (nanomolar).
C CONSTS(55) is ksB in component model_parameters (first_order_rate_constant).
C CONSTS(36) is k5 in component model_parameters (first_order_rate_constant).
C CONSTS(37) is k6 in component model_parameters (first_order_rate_constant).
C CONSTS(38) is V1B in component model_parameters (flux).
C CONSTS(39) is V2B in component model_parameters (flux).
C STATES(15) is BCP in component BCP (nanomolar).
C CONSTS(40) is vdBC in component model_parameters (flux).
C CONSTS(41) is V3B in component model_parameters (flux).
C CONSTS(42) is V4B in component model_parameters (flux).
C STATES(16) is BNP in component BNP (nanomolar).
C CONSTS(43) is vdBN in component model_parameters (flux).
C CONSTS(44) is vdIN in component model_parameters (flux).
C CONSTS(45) is kstot in component model_parameters (first_order_rate_constant).
C CONSTS(46) is Vphos in component model_parameters (flux).
C RATES(1) is d/dt MP in component MP (nanomolar).
C RATES(3) is d/dt MC in component MC (nanomolar).
C RATES(4) is d/dt MB in component MB (nanomolar).
C RATES(5) is d/dt PC in component PC (nanomolar).
C RATES(8) is d/dt CC in component CC (nanomolar).
C RATES(6) is d/dt PCP in component PCP (nanomolar).
C RATES(9) is d/dt CCP in component CCP (nanomolar).
C RATES(7) is d/dt PCC in component PCC (nanomolar).
C RATES(11) is d/dt PCN in component PCN (nanomolar).
C RATES(10) is d/dt PCCP in component PCCP (nanomolar).
C RATES(12) is d/dt PCNP in component PCNP (nanomolar).
C RATES(14) is d/dt BC in component BC (nanomolar).
C RATES(15) is d/dt BCP in component BCP (nanomolar).
C RATES(2) is d/dt BN in component BN (nanomolar).
C RATES(16) is d/dt BNP in component BNP (nanomolar).
C RATES(13) is d/dt IN in component IN (nanomolar).
      STATES(1) = 0.5
      CONSTS(1) = 1.1
      CONSTS(2) = 0.01
      CONSTS(3) = 0.7
      CONSTS(4) = 0.3
      CONSTS(5) = 1.0
      CONSTS(6) = 4.0
      STATES(2) = 0.1
      STATES(3) = 0.3
      CONSTS(7) = 1.0
      CONSTS(8) = 0.01
      CONSTS(9) = 1.0
      CONSTS(10) = 0.4
      STATES(4) = 3.1
      CONSTS(11) = 0.2
      CONSTS(12) = 0.01
      CONSTS(13) = 0.8
      CONSTS(14) = 0.4
      CONSTS(15) = 4.0
      STATES(5) = 0.1
      CONSTS(16) = 0.1
      CONSTS(17) = 0.3
      CONSTS(18) = 0.8
      CONSTS(19) = 0.2
      CONSTS(20) = 0.01
      CONSTS(21) = 0.3
      STATES(6) = 0.1
      STATES(7) = 0.1
      STATES(8) = 0.1
      CONSTS(22) = 0.01
      CONSTS(23) = 0.6
      CONSTS(24) = 0.1
      STATES(9) = 0.1
      CONSTS(25) = 0.7
      CONSTS(26) = 0.3
      CONSTS(27) = 0.7
      CONSTS(28) = 0.8
      CONSTS(29) = 0.2
      CONSTS(30) = 0.1
      STATES(10) = 0.1
      STATES(11) = 0.1
      CONSTS(31) = 0.5
      CONSTS(32) = 0.1
      CONSTS(33) = 0.1
      STATES(12) = 0.1
      STATES(13) = 0.1
      CONSTS(34) = 1.0
      CONSTS(35) = 1.0
      STATES(14) = 0.1
      CONSTS(36) = 0.4
      CONSTS(37) = 0.2
      CONSTS(38) = 1.0
      CONSTS(39) = 0.1
      STATES(15) = 0.1
      CONSTS(40) = 1.0
      CONSTS(41) = 1.0
      CONSTS(42) = 0.2
      STATES(16) = 0.1
      CONSTS(43) = 0.5
      CONSTS(44) = 0.8
      CONSTS(45) = 1.0
      CONSTS(46) = 0.6
      CONSTS(47) = CONSTS(5)
      CONSTS(48) =  0.800000*CONSTS(5)
      CONSTS(49) =  0.700000*CONSTS(5)
      CONSTS(50) =  0.500000*CONSTS(45)
      CONSTS(51) = CONSTS(46)
      CONSTS(52) = CONSTS(45)
      CONSTS(53) = CONSTS(46)
      CONSTS(54) = CONSTS(46)
      CONSTS(55) = CONSTS(45)
      RATES(1) =  CONSTS(47)*(STATES(2) ** CONSTS(6)/(CONSTS(3) ** CONSTS(6)+STATES(2) ** CONSTS(6))) - ( CONSTS(1)*(STATES(1)/(CONSTS(4)+STATES(1)))+ CONSTS(2)*STATES(1))
      RATES(3) =  CONSTS(48)*(STATES(2) ** CONSTS(6)/(CONSTS(9) ** CONSTS(6)+STATES(2) ** CONSTS(6))) - ( CONSTS(7)*(STATES(3)/(CONSTS(10)+STATES(3)))+ CONSTS(8)*STATES(3))
      RATES(4) =  CONSTS(49)*(CONSTS(13) ** CONSTS(15)/(CONSTS(13) ** CONSTS(15)+STATES(2) ** CONSTS(15))) - ( CONSTS(11)*(STATES(4)/(CONSTS(14)+STATES(4)))+ CONSTS(12)*STATES(4))
      RATES(5) = ( CONSTS(50)*STATES(1)+ CONSTS(21)*(STATES(6)/(CONSTS(17)+STATES(6)))+ CONSTS(19)*STATES(7)) - ( CONSTS(51)*(STATES(5)/(CONSTS(16)+STATES(5)))+ CONSTS(18)*STATES(5)*STATES(8)+ CONSTS(20)*STATES(5))
      RATES(8) = ( CONSTS(52)*STATES(3)+ CONSTS(24)*(STATES(9)/(CONSTS(17)+STATES(9)))+ CONSTS(19)*STATES(7)) - ( CONSTS(23)*(STATES(8)/(CONSTS(16)+STATES(8)))+ CONSTS(18)*STATES(5)*STATES(8)+ CONSTS(22)*STATES(8))
      RATES(6) =  CONSTS(51)*(STATES(5)/(CONSTS(16)+STATES(5))) - ( CONSTS(21)*(STATES(6)/(CONSTS(17)+STATES(6)))+ CONSTS(25)*(STATES(6)/(CONSTS(26)+STATES(6)))+ CONSTS(20)*STATES(6))
      RATES(9) =  CONSTS(23)*(STATES(8)/(CONSTS(16)+STATES(8))) - ( CONSTS(24)*(STATES(9)/(CONSTS(17)+STATES(9)))+ CONSTS(27)*(STATES(9)/(CONSTS(26)+STATES(9)))+ CONSTS(20)*STATES(9))
      RATES(7) = ( CONSTS(30)*(STATES(10)/(CONSTS(17)+STATES(10)))+ CONSTS(18)*STATES(5)*STATES(8)+ CONSTS(29)*STATES(11)) - ( CONSTS(53)*(STATES(7)/(CONSTS(16)+STATES(7)))+ CONSTS(19)*STATES(7)+ CONSTS(28)*STATES(7)+ CONSTS(20)*STATES(7))
      RATES(11) = ( CONSTS(33)*(STATES(12)/(CONSTS(17)+STATES(12)))+ CONSTS(28)*STATES(7)+ CONSTS(32)*STATES(13)) - ( CONSTS(54)*(STATES(11)/(CONSTS(16)+STATES(11)))+ CONSTS(29)*STATES(11)+ CONSTS(31)*STATES(2)*STATES(11)+ CONSTS(20)*STATES(11))
      RATES(10) =  CONSTS(53)*(STATES(7)/(CONSTS(16)+STATES(7))) - ( CONSTS(30)*(STATES(10)/(CONSTS(17)+STATES(10)))+ CONSTS(34)*(STATES(10)/(CONSTS(26)+STATES(10)))+ CONSTS(20)*STATES(10))
      RATES(12) =  CONSTS(54)*(STATES(11)/(CONSTS(16)+STATES(11))) - ( CONSTS(33)*(STATES(12)/(CONSTS(17)+STATES(12)))+ CONSTS(35)*(STATES(12)/(CONSTS(26)+STATES(12)))+ CONSTS(20)*STATES(12))
      RATES(14) = ( CONSTS(39)*(STATES(15)/(CONSTS(17)+STATES(15)))+ CONSTS(37)*STATES(2)+ CONSTS(55)*STATES(4)) - ( CONSTS(38)*(STATES(14)/(CONSTS(16)+STATES(14)))+ CONSTS(36)*STATES(14)+ CONSTS(20)*STATES(14))
      RATES(15) =  CONSTS(38)*(STATES(14)/(CONSTS(16)+STATES(14))) - ( CONSTS(39)*(STATES(15)/(CONSTS(17)+STATES(15)))+ CONSTS(40)*(STATES(15)/(CONSTS(26)+STATES(15)))+ CONSTS(20)*STATES(15))
      RATES(2) = ( CONSTS(42)*(STATES(16)/(CONSTS(17)+STATES(16)))+ CONSTS(36)*STATES(14)+ CONSTS(32)*STATES(13)) - ( CONSTS(41)*(STATES(2)/(CONSTS(16)+STATES(2)))+ CONSTS(37)*STATES(2)+ CONSTS(31)*STATES(2)*STATES(11)+ CONSTS(20)*STATES(2))
      RATES(16) =  CONSTS(41)*(STATES(2)/(CONSTS(16)+STATES(2))) - ( CONSTS(42)*(STATES(16)/(CONSTS(17)+STATES(16)))+ CONSTS(43)*(STATES(16)/(CONSTS(26)+STATES(16)))+ CONSTS(20)*STATES(16))
      RATES(13) =  CONSTS(31)*STATES(2)*STATES(11) - ( CONSTS(32)*STATES(13)+ CONSTS(44)*(STATES(13)/(CONSTS(26)+STATES(13)))+ CONSTS(20)*STATES(13))