Bhalla, Iyengar, 1999

Model Status

This version of the model describes the complete network of signalling pathways in the original publication. This model is able to be solved but does not give the correct results as it is not connected to the other modules of the pathway. ValidateCellML verifies this model as valid CellML but detects unit inconsistencies.

Model Structure

In 1999 Upinder S. Bhalla and Ravi Iyengar published a paper discussing the emergent properties of signalling pathway networks. To develop these networks, they modelled individual pathways and compared those results to previously published results before combining the individual pathways to create networks. They only used mechanisms that had already been experimentally described when making connections between pathways. The complete network of reaction pathways they modelled is shown in the figure below.

The complete original paper reference is cited below:

Emergent properties of networks of biological signaling pathways. Bhalla US, Iyengar R. Science 1999 Jan 15; 283(5400); 381-7. (A full text version of the article is available to members on the Science website.) PubMed ID: 9888852

A rendering of the complete signalling network.