Snyder, Palmer, Moore, 2000

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Model Structure

The regulation of cytosolic Ca2+ concentration, [Ca2+]c, in cardiac myocytes has been recognised to be the predominant determinant of cardiac contraction and relaxation dynamics. Several models have been developed to describe [Ca2+]c regulation in cardiac myocytes and these have evolved to the point where they are able to predict intracellular Ca2+ dynamics under experimental conditions.

In their 2000 study, Steven M. Snyder, Bradley M. Palmer and Russell L. Moore published a detailed mathematical model describing cardiocyte Ca2+ dynamics with a novel representation of sarcoplasmic reticular Ca2+ control (see the figure below). The mathematical representation of the Ca2+ regulatory mechanisms of a rat cardiac myocyte included a set of six differential equations.

The complete original paper reference is cited below:

A Mathematical Model of Cardiocyte Ca2+ Dynamics with a Novel Representation of Sarcoplasmic Reticular Ca2+ Control, Steven M. Snyder, Bradley M. Palmer and Russell L. Moore, 2000, Biophysical Journal , 79, 94-115. (Full text and PDF versions of the article are available for Journal Members on the Biophysical Journal website.) PubMed ID: 10866940

Cell schematic for the model representing three intracellular compartments with buffering, the extracellular space, and the related Ca2+ movement processes.