Date Author Log Options Exposure
2016-07-28 Mathieu Deneux Added SEDML files [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-01-04 Dave Brooks Remove spurious carriage-return line endings... [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-01-04 dave Equation 8 from original paper was wrong in model; correctly define units for all variables. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-01-04 dave Correctly define units for all variables. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-01-04 dave 'Z' is no longer directly used for dPha/dt, so remove from component. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-01-04 dave Fix equations for dPha/dt and V1 to match those in original paper. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-01-04 dave Remove initial value fro 'time' as it's an output variable. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2011-11-11 Hanne Nielsen Removed error in html [files] [tgz] [zip]
2011-11-11 Hanne Nielsen Fixed link in html file [files] [tgz] [zip]
2011-11-11 Hanne Nielsen Added metadata to cellML files [files] [tgz] [zip]
2011-09-12 Hanne Nielsen Added tagged images in ai svg and png format. Both models now have cliackable SVG sessions [files] [tgz] [zip]
2011-08-23 Hanne Nielsen Added HTML file, xul and clickable session for the first cellML model. Traces still to be matched and added for second sesison file with both Pha and Z [files] [tgz] [zip]
2011-08-18 Hanne Nielsen Removed previous CellML files from workspace [files] [tgz] [zip]
2011-08-18 Hanne Nielsen Added new cellML files for a and b. a now reproduces results but b oscillates differently. Added session files without SVG image. To be added. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2011-08-16 Hanne Nielsen Added cellML files again after looking at equations. Still do not reproduce published results [files] [tgz] [zip]
2011-08-08 Hanne Nielsen Added images in ai svg and png format. CellML files based on equations 1-3 (a) and 4-8 (b). HTML file also added. Does not reproduce published figure ut does run in OpenCell. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2011-08-08 Hanne Nielsen Added images and HTML file to workspace [files] [tgz] [zip]