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These are the four regional models for canine atrial myocytes. The regions are: right atrium, left atrium, Bachmann's bundle/crista terminalis, pulmonary veins. There are also options for adding electrophysiological remodelling and anti-arrhythmic drugs to the model. The models are completely characterised in the Supplementary Text of `Varela et al, PLoS Comp Bio, 2016 <http://dx.doi.org/10.1371/journal.pcbi.1005245>`_.

Available here are the following:

* CellML models for the `left atrium <Varela_LA_2016.cellml/view>`_, `right atrium <Varela_RA_2016.cellml/view>`_, and `pulmonary veins <Varela_PV_2016.cellml/view>`_;
* `C code <Varela_CanineAtrial_Model.c>`_; and
* `Matlab code <Varela_CanineAtrial_Model.m>`_.