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Human whole-body scaffold with embedded organs

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In this workspace, we have the workflow and configuration files needed to produce the human whole-body scaffold with embedded organs for the SPARC project.
Elias Soltani <>
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README.rst 1424 2021-06-11 [browse]
both-vagus.exf 16465 2021-06-11 [browse]
thumbnail.png 1239920 2021-06-11 [browse]
view.cmgui 9814 2021-06-11 [browse]
whole-bladder.exf 478623 2021-06-11 [browse]
whole-body.exf 1575970 2021-06-11 [browse]
whole-brainstem.exf 1327782 2021-06-11 [browse]
whole-colon.exf 17593366 2021-06-11 [browse]
whole-heart.exf 2137384 2021-06-11 [browse]
whole-lung.exf 493109 2021-06-11 [browse]
whole-stomach.exf 369435 2021-06-11 [browse]