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CellML divides the mathematical model into distinct components, which are able to be re-used.
The main CellML components are:

- The major elements involved in transplasmalemmal ion exchange, including:
    - Voltage-operated :math:`Ca^{2+}` channels (VOCC): `JVOCCi <Components/JVOCCi.cellml>`_
    - The plasma membrane :math:`Ca^{2+}`-ATPase (PMCA): `JPMCAi <Components/JPMCAi.cellml>`_
    - The :math:`Na^{+}/Ca^{2+}` exchanger (NCX): `JNCXi <Components/JNCXi.cellml>`_
    - The :math:`Na^{+}/K^{+}` ATPase (NKA): `JNKAi <Components/JNKAi.cellml>`_
    - :math:`Ca^{2+}`- and voltage-operated :math:`K^{+}` channels (KC): `JKi <Components/JKi.cellml>`_
    - :math:`Cl^{-}` channels (CC): `JCli <Components/JCli.cellml>`_
- Intracellular Ca2+ handling, including:
    - The sarcoendoplasmic Ca2+-ATPase (SERCA): `JSERCAi <Components/JSERCAi.cellml>`_
    - Calcium Induced Calcium Release (CICR) via the ryanodine receptors: `JCICRi <Components/JCICRi.cellml>`_
    - Basal Ca2+ leak: `Jleaki <Components/Jleaki.cellml>`_
- :math:`Ca^{2+}` concentration in the cytosol (c): `Cai <Components/Cai.cellml>`_
- :math:`Ca^{2+}` concentration in sarcoplasmic reticulum (s): `Casr <Components/Casr.cellml>`_ 
- The dynamics of the cell membrane potential (v): `Vm <Components/Vm.cellml>`_    

Each of these blocks is itself a CellML model, which enables us to reuse the various components in future studies and models.