Sodium concentration experiment

In the Sodium concentration experiment, the Excitation-contraction unit is configured and parameterised with an applied Single pulse patch clamp protocol. In addition, the component Nai is defined to generate a linear Na + i profile from 1 mM to 46 mM.

You can change the parameters of stimulation in the component Vstim_para, while -50 mV holding voltage is used for Figure 8B.

You can also bypass the parameters in the component model_parameters and initial_conditions and define your own parameters. We defined control_para to alter some parameters such as Ca2 + i for this specific experiment.

The simulation experiment can be obtained by loading the corresponding SED-ML document into OpenCOR and executing the simulation.

Sensitivity Analysis for Na + i

Figure [1] A uses the settings in Single stimulation experiment and the values are list in the following.


Experiment setting.

The Sodium concentration experiment is used to generate a linear Na + i from 1 mM to 46 mM for the computation of JNa ⁄ Ca in plot B.


Sensitivity analysis for Na + i.