Model Mathematics

Component: environment

Component: R

ddtime R = DR pi_C - DB pi_C R

Component: B

ddtime B = DB pi_C R - kB B + f f = 0.0001 if time > 20.0 time 80.0 0.0 otherwise

Component: C

ddtime C = DC pi_L - DA pi_C C

Component: pi_L

pi_L = k3 k4 KLP pi_P B 1.0 + k3 K k4 + k1 k2 ko KOP pi_P R + Io 1.0 + IL rL

Component: model_parameters

DB = f0 dB pi_C = C + f0 C_s C + C_s pi_P = P + P_0 P + P_s P = IP kP P_0 = SP kP P_s = k6 k5
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