Date Author Log Options Exposure
2015-02-12 Tommy Yu Merging to remove the extra head - Since the title is changed and in the interest of maintaining the current structure we keep it as is. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-05-17 Matthias K?nig Further work on the HTML documentation. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-05-17 Matthias K?nig Work on the automatic HTML rendering. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-05-17 Matthias K?nig HTML Documentation updated. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-05-15 Matthias K?nig Some work on tutorial. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-21 Matthias K?nig wolf_heinrich_2000 SBGN overview added [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-21 Matthias K?nig Nazaret 2009 example implemented and integratable. Results between normal and MCL implementation not identical ! Problems with original model implementation (no steady state)! [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-19 Matthias K?nig Merge [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-19 Matthias K?nig Working on Koenig 2012 Glucose Metabolism Example. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-19 Randall Britten Removed duplicate cmeta:id attribute that was causing an XML error, and changed metadata to use the more human readable ID. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-18 Matthias K?nig Wolf Heinrich Example implemented and working ! [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-18 Matthias K?nig Example Full 1 working! [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-18 Matthias K?nig Changes in Ingegrator and file hierarchy. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-18 Matthias K?nig Merge Example 2 changes. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-18 Matthias K?nig Changes in Ingegrator and file hierarchy. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-17 Randall Britten Trivial whitespace changes, and moved import to be adjacent to peer import. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-17 Randall Britten To "clone" an imported component, the top level import element needs to be duplicated, not just the component reference within an existing import. The rationale is that all connections within a top-level import are kept intact, as dictated by the encapsulation in the imported model. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-16 Matthias K?nig CellML Java API source code first commit. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-15 Matthias K?nig Project summary updated and first manuscript draft for CellML-MCL. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-12 Matthias K?nig Components definition Excel added. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-12 Matthias K?nig Example reaction mechanisms in SBGN updated. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-12 Matthias K?nig Example files with documentation generated. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-12 Matthias K?nig OpenCell output of Mass Action examples 1 & 3. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-12 Matthias K?nig Example 3 Mass Action working. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-12 Matthias K?nig Second mass action example A <-> B <-> C. Not working due to sharing of B ? [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-12 Matthias K?nig First working example using the library components ! [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-12 Matthias K?nig Some smaller updates in the documentation. Not critical. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-12 Matthias K?nig Compact library for import generated. Components and Units are collected from the individual LibraryModelComponents. This is the file imported and should be kept locally with the used model. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-10 Matthias K?nig Proper encapsulation of all the example files with separation into network/reaction/librarycomponent structure. Some smaller bugfixes in mapping between components. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-09 Matthias K?nig Naming error fixed in HillIrrev. Components documentation updated: - Variables of Components parsed - CellML library components validated with cellml-API [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-09 Matthias K?nig Documentation of Reaction Mechanism. Images for basic mechanisms created. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-05 Matthias K?nig Reaction Mechanisms in SBGN created. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-04 Matthias K?nig Minor bugs in naming conventions removed. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-04-04 Matthias K?nig Formula images created. Minor bugs in naming conventions removed. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-03-27 Tommy Yu Fixed case and only the title is needed. [files] [tgz] [zip] Library of metabolic components in CellML
2013-03-27 Tommy Yu Need title tag. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-03-26 Matthias K?nig <br /> tags where appropriate. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-03-26 Matthias K?nig </br> replaced with <p></p> due to missing support of </br> element. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-03-26 Matthias K?nig CellML files changed from CellML v1.0 -> v1.1 to support import of the components. Additional header added to CellML files for metabolic component library. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-03-26 Matthias K?nig Documentation moved to the HTML document from the README. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-03-26 Matthias K?nig First draft of a library documentation. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-03-26 Matthias K?nig Link to a model. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-03-26 Matthias K?nig Created Test HTML page for Exposure. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-03-26 Matthias K?nig Folder structure rearranged. Moving of library components to library. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-03-25 Matthias K?nig Changing of folder structure to distinguish between references, examples, the actual component library and documentation. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2013-03-25 Matthias K?nig Initial commit. COPASI 4.8 (Build 35) kinetic equations with test cases implemented. [files] [tgz] [zip]