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Cardiovascular Circulation Westkessel

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This is a fork of the original cardiovascular circulation westkessel model from: workspace/cardiovascular_circulation_westkessel. This fork was created to demonstrate a problem crops up in OpenCMISS-Iron when using this heart part of this model to define the boundary condition applied to the arterial fluid flow. See tracker item:
David Nickerson <>
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EAtrium.cellml 3427 2014-04-06 [browse]
EVentricle.cellml 2806 2014-04-06 [browse]
ModelHeart.cellml 4679 2014-04-06 [browse]
ParamHeart.cellml 1940 2014-04-06 [browse]
TempCDa.cellml 2652 2014-04-06 [browse]
TempCDv.cellml 2638 2014-04-06 [browse]
Units.cellml 864 2014-04-06 [browse]
heart.cellml 15543 2014-04-06 [browse]