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Delta-Notch Intercellular Signalling

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This workspace contains a SED-ML file that reproduces Fig 3 from the original paper. Also this workspace does not have a working cellml file, however the .xml file can be loaded into OpenCOR and simulate results.
Mathieu Deneux <>
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collier-2cell-graph.png 41575 2016-08-01 [browse]
collier-2cell-hierarchy.png 22383 2016-08-01 [browse]
collier-2cell-variable-connections.png 101501 2016-08-01 [browse]
collier-2cell.html 2908 2016-08-01 [browse]
collier-2cell.xml 8557 2016-08-01 [browse]
collier-2cell_Fig3.sedml 6413 2016-08-01 [browse]
single-cell.xml 3015 2016-08-01 [browse]