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Human Stomach Scaffold

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Provenance data related to creating the human stomach scaffold for the scaffold maker. Scripts and meshes used to generate the code are provided.
Jagir Hussan <>
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Filename Size Date Options 22528 2018-06-07 [browse] 4227 2018-06-07 [browse]
deforming_stomach.exelem 560555 2018-06-07 [browse]
deforming_stomach_0.exnode 250803 2018-06-07 [browse]
finalstomach.ex2 843579 2018-06-07 [browse] 415640 2018-06-07 [browse]
normalizedStomach.exnode 394784 2018-06-07 [browse]
renumberStomach.cmgui 1226 2018-06-07 [browse]