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Annotation for Human Stomach Surface

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Workspace Summary

Surface mesh representing human stomach geometry was annotated for different cell types based on the presentation made available by 'John Furness, Billie Hunne, Martin Stebbing,University of Melbourne', Map 2018. The data was created using Stomach Annotator. The workspace contains the project file, region and cell markers file, texture file and the ex2 file.
Jagir Hussan <>
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Filename Size Date Options
AllMarkers.dat 26916 2018-08-18 [browse]
BackgroundMeshTest_human2.pkl 230131 2018-08-18 [browse]
HumanStomachAnnotation.ex2 767329 2018-08-18 [browse]
MarkersTest_human2.dat 26916 2018-08-18 [browse]
Markers_Gastrin.dat 7492 2018-08-18 [browse]
Markers_Ghrelin.dat 7224 2018-08-18 [browse]
Markers_HT.dat 4791 2018-08-18 [browse]
Markers_PYY.dat 1301 2018-08-18 [browse]
Markers_Somatostatin.dat 5532 2018-08-18 [browse]
RegionsTest_human2.dat 1643 2018-08-18 [browse]
Test_human2.ann 428 2018-08-18 [browse]
TextureTest_human2.png 1693 2018-08-18 [browse]