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A Thermodynamic Model of the Cardiac Sarcoplasmic/Endoplasmic Ca(2+) (SERCA) Pump, Kenneth Tran, Nicolas P. Smith, Denis S. Loiselle, and Edmund J. Crampin, 2009

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This CellML model has been unit checked and is known to run in OpenCOR. This particular version of the CellML model describes the three-state cooperative SERCA model and recreates figure 13. In order to recreate this figure we have had to add an additional equation to the model to define the rate of change in Casr. Please also note there are typographical errors in the original paper and [H+] should be raised to the power of n (n=2) for T_Hi and T_Hsr. Also in figure 12 the concentrations of ADP should be 8uM and 20uM rather than 20uM and 40uM. This model has been curated and annoted.
Anand Rampadarath <>
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