Date Author Log Options Exposure
2015-02-05 rcai987 Added annotations to borghans_dupont_goldbeter_1997.cellml models [files] [tgz] [zip]
2010-08-26 Hanne Added xul and session for a [files] [tgz] [zip] Borghans, Dupont, Goldbeter, 1997
2010-08-25 Tommy Yu xml:base fix [files] [tgz] [zip]
2010-08-25 Tommy Yu xml:base fix [files] [tgz] [zip]
2010-08-25 Tommy Yu xml:base fix [files] [tgz] [zip]
2010-08-24 Catherine Lloyd Removed redundant files from the workspace and updated the curation comments. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2010-08-23 Hanne Added new svg [files] [tgz] [zip]
2010-05-11 Geoff Nunns Added titles for different variants in RDF. [files] [tgz] [zip] Borghans, Dupont, Goldbeter, 1997
2010-02-16 Mark Hanna Replaced missing metadata and rebuilt session files with OpenCell 0.7 RC1 [files] [tgz] [zip]
2010-01-08 Hanne Added cmeta:ids to CellML fiel and added session file [files] [tgz] [zip] Borghans, Dupont, Goldbeter, 1997
2010-01-08 Hanne Merge. [files] [tgz] [zip] Borghans, Dupont, Goldbeter, 1997
2010-01-08 Hanne Added cmeta:ids to CellMl file and added session file [files] [tgz] [zip]
2009-12-07 Catherine Lloyd merge [files] [tgz] [zip] Borghans, Dupont, Goldbeter, 1997
2009-12-07 Catherine Lloyd Forgot to merge before pushed - had to correct links again. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2009-12-07 Catherine Lloyd Corrected the links to the images in models b and c so they point to the right ones in the workspace. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2009-12-07 Hanne Added images in ai svg and png foramt [files] [tgz] [zip]
2009-12-02 Catherine Lloyd Coorected model names in the RDF references for b and c. Also fixed prase to parse for b and c. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2009-12-02 Mark Hanna Corrected typo in a metadata tag attribute (praseType -> parseType) [files] [tgz] [zip]
2009-12-02 Mark Hanna Updated initial conditions for models "a" and "b" to reduce time taken to reach steady state [files] [tgz] [zip]
2009-11-30 Mark Hanna Fixed typos in ids in each model [files] [tgz] [zip]
2009-11-30 Mark Hanna Fixed typo in an id in model a [files] [tgz] [zip]
2009-11-30 Mark Hanna Created 3 new models. All models run in PCEnv and COR and are able to reproduce published output. Model (a) can only produce output from figure 4 using parameters from figure 5. [files] [tgz] [zip]