Date Author Log Options Exposure
2011-05-13 Dougal Cowan removed file:// references - this session will still not work for this 1.1 model. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2010-08-12 Hanne Tagged svg, session file ocntains errors [files] [tgz] [zip]
2010-06-10 Hanne Added images in ai svg and png format [files] [tgz] [zip] Shi, Korakianitis, Bowles, 2007
2010-06-09 Tommy Yu Corrected RDF. - Fixed the semantics of the dc:creator predicate within the subject about the model file. - Corrected reference to cmeta:id. [files] [tgz] [zip] Korakianitis, Shi, 2006
2010-06-09 Tommy Yu Fixed indentation for the RDF block. [files] [tgz] [zip]
2010-06-09 Catherine Lloyd Adding models to the workspace. Documentation and metadata added. [files] [tgz] [zip] Cardiovascular Circulation DVad