Multiple stimulation experiment

In the Multiple stimulation experiment, the Excitation-contraction component is configured and parameterised with an applied multiple pulses patch clamp protocol.

You can change the parameters of stimulation in the component Vstim_para.

You can also bypass the parameters in the component model_parameters and initial_conditions and define your own parameters. We defined control_para to alter some parameters such as intracellular Na +  concentration, inhibition of Ca2 +  pumps control inhPump, for specific experiments.

The simulation experiment can be obtained by loading the corresponding SED-ML document into OpenCOR and executing the simulation.

The model reaction to a train of pulse potentials

We parameterise the multiple pulses patch clamp protocol to generate a train of 10 voltage pulses of 100 ms duration from a holding potential of −80 mV to a pulse potential of 0 mV, with an interval of 330 ms between the pulses. Figure [1] shows the model Ca2 + i to the train of pulse potentials.


Simulated model reaction to a train of pulse potentials.

The experiment setting to reproduce Figure 2 is summarized in the following:


Experiment setting.

Figure [2] shows simulations of changes in Ca2 + i and stress in response to pacing pulses.