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A Quantitative Model of Human Jejunal Smooth Muscle Cell Electrophysiology
An analysis of deformation-dependent electromechanical coupling in the mouse heart
Davies ISAP 2012
Ionic mechanisms for electrical heterogeneity between rabbit Purkinje fiber and ventricular cells
Simulations of the effects of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate 3-kinase and 5-phosphatase activities on Ca2+ oscillations
[Ca2+]i oscillations in sympathetic neurons: an experimental test of a theoretical model
A 0D model of the Heart
A model for pacemaking in substantia nigra neurons (A simple model based on a spherical geometry)
A model for pacemaking in substantia nigra neurons (A simple model based on a spherical geometry)
A Primer on Modular Mass Action Modelling with CellML
A single compartment model of pacemaking in dissasociated Substantia nigra neurons with hyperbolic tetrahedral geometry
A single compartment model of pacemaking in dissasociated Substantia nigra neurons with hyperbolic tetrahedral geometry
A Tutorial on Creating a Systems Model from SVPs
Activation of the Liver Glycogen Phosphorylase by Ca2+ Oscillations: a Theoretical Study
Adrian, Chandler, Hodgkin, 1970
Voltage clamp experiments in striated muscle fibres
Aguda, 1999
A quantitative analysis of the kinetics of the G2 DNA damage checkpoint system
Aguda, B, 1999
Aguda, Tang, 1999
The kinetic origins of the restriction point in the mammalian cell cycle
Albrecht, Colegrove, Friel, 2002
Differential Regulation of ER Ca2+ Uptake and Release Rates Accounts for Multiple Modes of Ca2+-induced Ca2+ Release
Albrecht, Colegrove, Hongpaisan, Pivovarova, Andrews, Friel, 2001
Multiple Modes of Calcium-induced Calcium Release in Sympathetic Neurons I: Attenuation of Endoplasmic Reticulum Ca2+ Accumulation at Low [Ca2+]i during Weak Depolarisation
Alexander, Wahl, 2010
Self-tolerance and Autoimmunity in a Regulatory T Cell Model
Alexander, Wahl, 2010
Self-tolerance and Autoimmunity in a Regulatory T Cell Model
An integrated model of eicosanoid metabolism and signaling based on lipidomics flux analysis
An updated computational model of rabbit sinoatrial action potential to investigate the mechanisms of heart rate modulation.
Andre playing with nested tasks in SED-ML
Andre's Hodgkin & Huxley with CellML
Andre's Hodgkin & Huxley with CellML
Aon, Cortassa, 2002
Coherent and robust modulation of a metabolic network by cytoskeletal organization and dynamics
Arresting the mitotic oscillator and the control of cell proliferation: insights from a cascade model for cdc2 kinase activation
Arresting the mitotic oscillator and the control of cell proliferation: insights from a cascade model for cdc2 kinase activation
Arresting the mitotic oscillator and the control of cell proliferation: insights from a cascade model for cdc2 kinase activation
Aslanidi 2009
Aslanidi, Boyett, Dobrzynski, Li, Zhang, 2009
Mechanisms of transition from normal to reentrant electrical activity in a model of rabbit atrial tissue: interaction of tissue heterogeneity and anisotropy
Aslanidi, Stewart, Boyett, Zhang, 2009
Optimal velocity and safety of discontinuous conduction through the heterogeneous Purkinje-ventricular junction
Asthagiri, Lauffenburger, 2001
A Compuational Study of Feedback Effects on Signal Dynamics in a Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase (MAPK) Pathway Model
Bagci 2008
Bagci, Vodovotz, Billiar, Ermentrout, Bahar, 2006
Bistability in apoptosis: roles of bax, bcl-2, and mitochondrial permeability transition pores
Bagci, Vodovotz, Billiar, Ermentrout, Bahar, 2008
Computational insights on the competing effects of nitric oxide in regulating apoptosis
Bakker, Mensonides, Teusink, van Hoek, Michels, Westerhoff, 2000
Compartmentation protects trypanosomes from the dangerous design of glycolysis
Bakker, Michels, Opperdoes, Westerhoff, 1997
Glycolysis in Bloodstream Form Trypanosoma brucei Can Be Understood in Terms of the Kinetics of the Glycolytic Enzymes
Barberis, Klipp, Vanoni, Alberghina, 2007
Barberis, Klipp, Vanoni, Alberghina, 2007
Cell Size at S Phase Initiation: An Emergent Property of the G1/S Network
Basket Catheter Emulator
Baylor, Hollingworth, Chandler, 2002
Comparison of Simulated and Measured Calcium Sparks in Intact Skeletal Muscle Fibers of the Frog
Beard, 2005
A biophysical model of the mitochondrial respiratory system and oxidative phosphorylation
Ben-Tal, 2006
Simplified models for gas exchange in the human lungs
Ben-Tal, 2006
Simplified models for gas exchange in the human lungs
Benson, Aslanidi, Zhang, Holden, 2008
The canine virtual ventricular wall: a platform for dissecting pharmacological effects on propagation and arrhythmogenesis
Benson, Aslanidi, Zhang, Holden, 2008
The canine virtual ventricular wall: a platform for dissecting pharmacological effects on propagation and arrhythmogenesis
Bernus, Wilders, Zemlin, Verschelde, Panfilov, 2002
A computationally efficient electrophysiological model of human ventricular cells
Bertram, Arnot, Zamponi, 2002
Role for G protein G-beta-gamma isoform specificity in synaptic signal processing: a computational study
Bertram, Pedersen, Luciani, Sherman, 2006
A simplified model for mitochondrial ATP production
Bertram, Previte, Sherman, Kinard, Satin, 2000
The Phantom Burster Model for Pancreatic Beta Cells
Bertram, Rhoads, Cimbora, 2008
A phantom bursting mechanism for episodic bursting
Bertram, Satin, Pedersen, Luciani, Sherman, 2007
Intra- and inter-islet synchronization of metabolically driven insulin secretion
Bertram, Satin, Zhang, Smolen, Sherman, 2004
Calcium and Glycolysis Mediate Multiple Bursting Modes in Pancreatic Islets
Bertram, Sherman, 2004
A Calcium-based Phantom Bursting Model for Pancreatic Islets
Bertram, Smolen, Sherman, Mears, Atwater, Martin, Soria, 1995
A role for calcium release-activated current (CRAC) in cholinergic modulation of electrical activity in pancreatic beta-cells
Bhalla, Iyengar, 1999
Emergent Properties of Networks of Biological Signaling Pathways
Bifurcation analysis of the regulatory modules of the mammalian G1/S transition
Bindschadler, Sneyd, 2001
A Bifurcation Analysis of Two Coupled Calcium Oscillators
Bingzheng, Zhenye, Liansong, 1990
A mathematical model of the regulation system of the secretion of glucocorticoids
Bondarenko, Szigeti, Bett, Kim, Rasmusson, 2004
Computer model of action potential of mouse ventricular myocytes
Bonhoeffer, Rembiszewski, Ortiz, Nixon, 2000
Risks and benefits of structured antiretroviral drug therapy interruptions in HIV-1 infection
Borghans, Dupont, Goldbeter, 1997
Complex intracellular calcium oscillations. A theoretical exploration of possible mechanisms
Bornheimer, Maurya, Farquhar, Subramaniam, 2004
Computational modeling reveals how interplay between components of a GTPase-cycle module regulates signal transduction
Boyett, Zhang, Garny, Holden, 2001
Control of the pacemaker activity of the sinoatrial node by intracellular Ca2+. Experiments and modelling
Brightman, Fell, 2000
Differential feedback regulation of the MAPK cascade underlies the quantitative differences in EGF and NGF signalling in PC12 cells.
Brown, Choe, Shanahan, Czeisler, 1997
A mathematical model of diurnal variations in human plasma melatonin levels
Bueno, 2007
Mathematical modeling and spectral simulation of genetic diseases in the human heart
Bugbuster Systems Model
Bugenhagen 2010
Bugenhagen 2010
Model of the overall baroreflex heart rate control system.
Butera, Rinzel, Smith, 1999
Models of Respiratory Rhythm Generation in the Pre-Botzinger Complex. II. Populations of Coupled Pacemaker Neurons
Butera, Rinzel, Smith, 1999
Models of Respiratory Rhythm Generation in the Pre-Botzinger Complex. I. Bursting Pacemaker Neurons
Butera, Rinzel, Smith, 1999
Models of Respiratory Rhythm Generation in the Pre-Botzinger Complex. II. Populations of Coupled Pacemaker Neurons
Calzone, Thieffry, Tyson, Novak, 2007
Dynamical modeling of syncytial mitotic cycles in Drosophila embryos
Campbell, Chandra, 2006
Functions of Stretch Activation in Heart Muscle
Carro, Rodriguez, Laguna, Pueyo (2011)
In this study, several modifications were introduced to a recently proposed human ventricular action potential (AP) model so as to render it suitable for the study of ventricular arrhythmias. These modifications were driven by new sets of experimental data available from the literature and the analysis of several well-established cellular arrhythmic risk biomarkers, namely AP duration at 90 per cent repolarization (APD90), AP triangulation, calcium dynamics, restitution properties, APD90 adaptation to abrupt heart rate changes, and rate dependence of intracellular sodium and calcium concentrations. The proposed methodology represents a novel framework for the development of cardiac cell models. Five stimulation protocols were applied to the original model and the ventricular AP model developed here to compute the described arrhythmic risk biomarkers. In addition, those models were tested in a one-dimensional fibre in which hyperkalaemia was simulated by increasing the extracellular potassium concentration, [K+]o. The effective refractory period (ERP), conduction velocity (CV) and the occurrence of APD alternans were investigated. Results show that modifications improved model behaviour as verified by: (i) AP triangulation well within experimental limits (the difference between APD at 50 and 90 per cent repolarization being 78.1 ms); (ii) APD90 rate adaptation dynamics characterized by fast and slow time constants within physiological ranges (10.1 and 105.9 ms); and (iii) maximum S1S2 restitution slope in accordance with experimental data (SS1S2=1.0). In simulated tissues under hyperkalaemic conditions, APD90 progressively shortened with the degree of hyperkalaemia, whereas ERP increased once a threshold in [K+]o was reached ([K+]o= 6 mM). CV decreased with [K+]o, and conduction was blocked for [K+]o>10.4 mM. APD90 alternans were observed for [K+]o>9.8 mM. Those results adequately reproduce experimental observations. This study demonstrated the value of basing the development of AP models on the computation of arrhythmic risk biomarkers, as opposed to joining together independently derived ion channel descriptions to produce a whole-cell AP model, with the new framework providing a better picture of the model performance under a variety of stimulation conditions. On top of replicating experimental data at single-cell level, the model developed here was able to predict the occurrence of APD90 alternans and areas of conduction block associated with high [K+]o in tissue, which is of relevance for the investigation of the arrhythmogenic substrate in ischaemic hearts.
Cartwright, Husain, 1986
A model for the control of testosterone secretion
Cell Viability Models for Tissue Exposed to Ablative Temperatures
Cell viability models for tissue exposed to ablative temperatures.
Chang, Fujita, 1999
Chang, Fujita, 1999
A kinetic model of the thiazide-sensitive Na-Cl cotransporter
Chang, Fujita, 1999
A numerical model of the renal distal tubule
Chang, Fujita, 2001
A numerical model of acid-base transport in rat distal tubule
Chassagnole, Rais, Quentin, Fell, Mazat, 2001
An integrated study of Threonine-pathway enzyme kinetics in Escherichia coli
Chay, 1997
Effects of extracellular calcium on electrical bursting and intracellular and luminal calcium oscillations in insulin secreting pancreatic beta-cells
Chay, Lee, Fan, 1995
Appearance of Phase-locked Wenchbach-like Rhythms, Devil's Staircase and Universality in Intracellular Calcium Spikes in Non-excitable Cell Models
Chen, Calzone, Csikasz-Nagy, Cross, Novak, Tyson, 2004
Integrative Analysis of Cell Cycle Control in Budding Yeast
Chen, Csikasz-Nagy, Gyorffy, Val, Novak, Tyson, 2000
Kinetic Analysis of a Molecular Model of the Budding Yeast Cell Cycle
Chen, Popel, 2006
Theoretical analysis of biochemical pathways of nitric oxide release from vascular endothelial cells
Chen, Popel, 2007
Vascular and perivascular nitric oxide release and transport: biochemical pathways of neuronal nitric oxide synthase (NOS1) and endothelial nitric oxide synthase (NOS3)
Cheng, Brown, Loeb, 2000
Virtual muscle: a computational approach to understanding the effects of muscle properties on motor control
Ciliberto, Novak, Tyson, 2003
Mathematical Model of the Morphogenesis Checkpoint in Budding Yeast
Ciliberto, Petrus, Tyson, Sible, 2003
A kinetic model of the cyclin E/Cdk2 developmental timer in Xenopus
Ciliberto, Tyson, 2000
Mathematical Model for Early Development of the Sea Urchin Embryo
Cl-/HCO3- Exchanger (AE1) Model
Clancy, Rudy, 2001
Cellular consequences of HERG mutations in the long QT syndrome: precursors to sudden cardiac death
Clancy, Rudy, 2002
Na Channel Mutation That Causes Both Brugada Syndrome and Long-QT Syndrome Phenotypes: A Simulation Study of Mechanism
Cloutier, Bolger, Lowry, Wellstead, 2009
An integrative dynamic model of brain energy metabolism using in vivo neurochemical measurements
Cloutier, Wellstead, 2009
The control systems structures of energy metabolism
Colegrove, Albrecht, Friel, 2000
Quantitive Analysis of Mitochondrial Ca2+ Uptake and Release Pathways in Sympathetic Neurons Reconstruction of the Recovery after Depolarisation-evoked [Ca2+] Elevations
Collier et al (1996) Delta-Notch model
Computational Mechanics of the Heart
Computational models of ventricular- and atrial-like human induced pluripotent stem cell derived cardiomyocytes
Computational models of ventricular- and atrial-like human induced pluripotent stem cell derived cardiomyocytes
Conradie, Bruggeman, Ciliberto, Csikasz-Nagy, Novak, Westerhoff, Snoep,
Restriction point control of the mammalian cell cycle via the cyclin E/Cdk2:p27 complex
Cooling, Hunter, Crampin, 2008
Cooling, Hunter, Crampin, 2009. Dual Calcium Protocol
Cooling, Hunter, Crampin, 2009. Shen Calcium Protocol
Cooling, Hunter, Crampin, 2009. Tomida Calcium Protocol
Corrias, Buist, 2007
Corrias, Buist, 2007
Corrias, Buist, 2008
Quantitative cellular description of gastric slow wave activity
Cortassa et al. (2006) ECME model
Cortassa, Aon, Marban, Winslow, O'Rourke, 2003
An Integrated Model of Cardiac Mitrochondrial Energy Metabolism and Calcium Dynamics
Cortassa, Aon, Winslow, O'Rourke, 2004
A mitochondrial oscillator dependent on reactive oxygen species
Costa, Holmes, McCulloch, 2001
Modelling Cardiac Mechanical Properties In Three Dimensions
Courtemanche, Ramirez, Nattel, 1998
Ionic mechanisms underlying human atrial action potential properties: insights from a mathematical model
Covering a broad dynamic range: information processing at the erythropoietin receptor
Cronwright, Rohwer, Prior, 2002
Metabolic Control Analysis of Glycerol Synthesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Csikasz-Nagy, Battogtokh, Chen, Novak, Tyson, 2006
Analysis of a generic model of eukaryotic cell-cycle regulation: budding yeast taken from the original model code
Cui, Kaandorp, 2006
Mathematical modeling of calcium homeostasis in yeast cells
Cui, Kaandorp, 2008
Simulating Complex Calcium-Calcineurin Signaling Network
Cui, Kaandorp, Lloyd, 2008
Simulating in vitro transcriptional response of zinc homeostasis system in Escherichia coli
Curien, Ravanel, Dumas, 2003
A kinetic model of the branch-point between the methionine and threonine biosynthesis pathways in Arabidopsis thaliana
Dash, Bassingthwaighte, 2004
Blood HbO2 and HbCO2 dissociation curves at varied O2, CO2, pH, 2,3-DPG and temperature levels
David Cumin PhD Model
Dawson, Lea, Irvine, 2003
Kinetic model of the inositol trisphosphate receptor that shows both steady-state and quantal patterns of Ca2+ release from intracellular stores
De Paor, Timmons, 1986
A feedback oscillator model for circulatory autoregulation
De Vries, Sherman, 2000
Channel Sharing in Pancreatic Beta-Cells Revisited: Enhancement of Emergent Bursting by Noise
De Vries, Sherman, 2001
From Spikers to Bursters Via Coupling: Help from Heterogeneity
De Young, Keizer, 1992
A single-pool inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate-receptor-based model for agonist-stimulated oscillations in Ca 2+ concentration
Decker, Heijman, Silva, Hund, Rudy, 2009
Properties and ionic mechanisms of action potential adaptation, restitution, and accommodation in canine epicardium
Demir, Clark, Giles, 1999
Parasympathetic modulation of sinoatrial node pacemaker activity in rabbit heart: a unifying model
Demir, Clark, Giles, Murphey, 1994
A Mathematical Model of a Rabbit Sinoatrial Node Cell
Demiray, 1981
Large deformation analysis of some soft biological tissues
Dempsher, Gann, Phair, 1984
A mechanistic model of ACTH-stimulated cortisol secretion
Dependence of the period on the rate of protein degradation in minimal models for circadian oscillations
DiFrancesco, Noble, 1985
A Model of Cardiac Electrical Activity Incorporating Ionic Pumps and Concentration Changes
Dijkstra, Neal, Beever, France, 1992
Simulation of nutrient digestion, absorption and outflow in the rumen: model description
Dixit, Perelson, 2004
Complex patterns of viral load decay under antiretroviral therapy: influence of pharmacokinetics and intracellular delay
Dokos, Celler, Lovell, 1996
Ion currents underlying sinoatrial node pacemaker activity: a new single cell mathematical model
Dougherty, Wright, Yew, 2005
Computational model of the cAMP-mediated sensory response and calcium-dependent adaptation in vertebrate olfactory receptor neurons
Drouhard, Roberge, 1987
Revised formulation of the Hodgkin-Huxley representation of the sodium current in cardiac cells
Dumaine, Towbin, Brugada, Vatta, Nesterenko, Nesterenko, Brugada, Brugada, Antzelevitch, 1999
Ionic mechanisms responsible for the electrocardiographic phenotype of the Brugada Syndrome are temperature dependent
Dupont, Berridge, Goldbetter, 1991
Signal-induced Ca2+ oscillations: Properties of a model based on (Ca2+)-induced Ca2+ release
Dupont, Goldbeter, 1992
Protein phosphorylation driven by intracellular calcium oscillations: A kinetic analysis
Dynamic Model of Amino Acid and Carbohydrate Metabolism in Primary Human Liver Cells
Earm, Noble, 1990
A Model of the Single Atrial Cell: Relation between Calcium Current and Calcium Release
Ebihara, Johnson, 1980
Fast sodium current in cardiac muscle: A quantitative description
Edwards, 2010
Edwards, 2010
Model of the renal medullary pericyte and its effects on the descending vasa recta.
Egli, Bertram, Sellix, Freeman, 2004
Rhythmic secretion of prolactin in rats: action of oxytocin coordinated by vasoactive intestinal polypeptide of suprachiasmatic nucleus origin
ElectrEcoBlu Systems Model
Elowitz, Leibler, 2000
A Synthetic Oscillatory Network of Transciptional Regulators
Enciso, Sontag, 2004
On the stability of a model of testosterone dynamics
Endresen, 1996
Chaos in Weakly-coupled Pacemaker Cells
Eskandari, Wright, Loo 2005
Eskandari, Wright, Loo 2005
Eskandari, Wright, Loo,
Kinetics of the Reverse Mode of the Na+/Glucose Cotransporter
Espinosa, 1998
L'Echange Na+/Ca2+ dans l'Hypertrophie Ventriculaire D'Altitude chez le Rat: Etude Electrophysiologique et Utilisation du Modele "Oxsoft Heart"
Evans, Errington, Shelly, Feeney, Chapman, Godfrey, Smith, Chappell, 2004
A mathematical model for the in vitro kinetics of the anti-cancer agent topotecan
Faber, Rudy, 2000
Action potential and contractility changes in [Na(+)](i) overloaded cardiac myocytes: a simulation study.
Faber, Rudy, 2000 and Tong, Ghouri, Taggart, 2014
(1) Action potential and contractility changes in [Na(+)](i) overloaded cardiac myocytes: a simulation study. (2) Computational modeling of inhibition of voltage-gated Ca channels: identification of different effects on uterine and cardiac action potentials.
Fall, Keizer, 2001
Mitochondrial Modulation of Intracellular Ca2+ Signalling
Fallon, Lauffenburger, 2000
Computational Model for Effects of Ligand/Receptor Binding Properties on Interleukin-2 Trafficking Dynamics and T Cell Proliferation Response
Farhy, Bowers, Veldhuis, 2007
Model-projected mechanistic bases for sex differences in growth hormone regulation in humans.
Farhy, Bowers, Veldhuis, 2007
Model-projected mechanistic bases for sex differences in growth hormone regulation in humans.
Faville, Pullan, Sanders, Koh, Lloyd, Smith, 2009
Biophysically based mathematical modeling of interstitial cells of Cajal slow wave activity generated from a discrete unitary potential basis
Faville, Pullan, Sanders, Smith, 2008
A Biophysically Based Mathematical Model of Unitary Potential Activity in Interstitial Cells of Cajal
Fenton, Karma, 1998
Vortex dynamics in three-dimensional continuous myocardium with fiber rotation: Filament instability and fibrillation
Fink, Noble, Virag, Varro, Giles, 2008
Contributions of HERG K+ current to repolarization of the human ventricular action potential
Fink, Slepchenko, Loew, 1999
Determination of time-dependent inositol-1,4,5-triphosphate concentrations during calcium release in a smooth muscle cell
Fink, Slepchenko, Moraru, Watras, Schaff, Loew, 2000
An image-based model of calcium waves in differentiated neuroblastoma cells
Fitzhugh, 1961
Impulses and Physiological States in Theoretical Models of Nerve Membrane
Flynn, Green, Pedley, Boxer, Dearling, Watson, Boden, Begent, 2002
A Model-Based Approach for the Optimization of Radioimmunotherapy through Antibody Design and Radionuclide Selection
Fohlmeister, Miller, 1997
Impulse Encoding Mechanisms of Ganglion Cells in the Tiger Salamander Retina
Fox, McHarg, Gilmour, 2002
Ionic mechanism of electrical alternans
Fridlyand, Tamarina, Philipson, 2003
Modeling of Ca2+ flux in pancreatic beta-cells: role of the plasma membrane and intracellular stores
Fujita, Toyoshima, Uda, Ozaki, Kubota, Kuroda, 2010
Decoupling of receptor and downstream signals in the Akt pathway by its low-pass filter characteristics
Gall, Susa, 1999
Effect of Na/Ca Exchange on Plateau Fraction and [Ca]i in Models for Bursting in Pancreatic Beta-Cells
Gardner, Dolnik, Collins, 1998
A theory for controlling cell cycle dynamics using a reversibly binding inhibitor
Garmendia_Torres, Goldbeter, Jacquet,
Nucleocytoplasmic oscillations of the yeast transcription factor Msn2: evidence for periodic PKA activation
Garny, Kohl, Hunter, Boyett, Noble, 2003
One-dimensional Rabbit Sinoatrial Node Models: Benefits and Limitations
Gasser, Ogden, Holzapfel, 2006
Hyperelastic modelling of arterial layers with distributed collagen fibre orientations
Gattoni 2016
Generic Cardiac Ionic Models
Gerard, Goldbeter, 2010
Temporal self-organization of the cyclin/Cdk network driving the mammalian cell cycle
Gilbert, Heiner, Rosser, Fulton, Gu, Trybilo, 2007
A Case Study in Model-driven Synthetic Biology
Goforth, Bertram, Khan, Zhang, Sherman, Satin, 2002
Calcium-activated K+ Channels of Mouse Beta Cells are Controlled by Both Store and Cytoplasmic Ca2+: Experimental and Theoretical Studies
A model for the dynamics of human weight cycling
Goldbeter, 1991
A minimal cascade model for the mitotic oscillator involving cyclin and cdc2 kinase
Goldbeter, 1995
A model for circadian oscillations in the Drosophila period protein (PER)
Goldbeter, Dupont, Berridge, 1990
Minimal model for signal-induced Ca2+ oscillations and for their frequency encoding through protein phosphorylation
Goldbeter, Gonze, Pourquie, 2007
Sharp Developmental Thresholds Defined Through Bistability By Antagonistic Gradients of Retinoic Acid and FGF Signaling
Goldbeter, Pourquie, 2008
Modeling the segmentation clock as a network of coupled oscillations in the Notch, Wnt and FGF signaling pathways
Gonzalez-Heydrich, Steingard, Kohane, 1994
A computer simulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis
Goodwin, 1965
Oscillatory behavior in enzymatic control processes
Grandi, Pasqualini, Bers, 2009
A novel computational model of the human ventricular action potential and Ca transient
Grange, Holford, Guentert, 2001
A pharmacokinetic model to predict the PK interaction of L-dopa and benserazide in rats
Greenstein, Wu, Po, Tomaselli, Winslow, 2000
Role of the Calcium-Independent Transient Outward Current Ito1 in Shaping Action Potential Morphology and Duration
Grossman, Feinberg, Kuznetsov, Dimitrov, Paul, 1998
HIV infection: how effective is drug combination treatment?
Guccione, Mcculloch, Waldman, 1991
Gupta, Aslakson, Gurbaxani, Vernon, 2007
Inclusion of the glucocorticoid receptor in a hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis model reveals bistability
Guyton, Aldosterone, 2008
Description of Guyton aldosterone module
Guyton, Angiotensin, 2008
Description of Guyton angiotensin module
Guyton, Antidiuretic Hormone, 2008
Description of Guyton antidiuretic hormone module
Guyton, Atrial Natriuretic Peptide, 2008
Description of Guyton atrial natriuretic peptide module
Guyton, Autonomics, 2008
Description of Guyton autonomics module
Guyton, Capillary Dynamics, 2008
Description of Guyton capillary dynamics module
Guyton, Cardiovascular, Circulation, 2008
Description of Guyton 1992 Full Cardiovascular Circulation Model
Guyton, Circulatory Dynamics, 2008
Description of Guyton circulatory dynamics module
Guyton, Electrolytes, 2008
Description of Guyton electrolytes module
Guyton, Heart Hypertrophy or Deterioration, 2008
Description of Guyton heart hypertrophy or deterioration module
Guyton, Heart Rate and Stroke Volume, 2008
Description of Guyton heart rate and stroke volume module
Guyton, Kidney, 2008
Description of Guyton kidney module
Guyton, Muscle Blood Flow Control, 2008
Description of Guyton muscle blood flow control module
Guyton, Muscle Oxygen Delivery, 2008
Description of Guyton muscle oxygen delivery module
Guyton, Non-Muscle Blood Flow, 2008
Description of Guyton non-muscle local blood flow control module
Guyton, Non-Muscle Oxygen Delivery, 2008
Description of Guyton non-muscle oxygen delivery module
Guyton, Pulmonary Fluid Dynamics, 2008
Description of Guyton pulmonary fluid dynamics module
Guyton, Pulmonary Oxygen Uptake, 2008
Description of Guyton pulmonary oxygen uptake module
Guyton, Red Cells and Viscosity, 2008
Description of Guyton red cells and viscosity module
Guyton, Stress Relaxation, 2008
Description of Guyton stress relaxation module
Guyton, Thirst, Drinking and Salt Appetite, 2008
Description of guyton thirst, drinking and salt appetite module
Guyton, Volume Receptors, 2008
Description of Guyton volume receptors module
H+-ATPase (V-type) Model
Hai, Murphy, 1988
Cross-bridge phosphorylation and regulation of latch state in smooth muscle
Halloy, Bernard, Loussouarn, Goldbeter, 2002
The Follicular Automaton Model: Effect of Stochasticity and of Synchronization of Hair Cycles
Hatakeyama, Shirouzu, Yokoyama, Konagaya, Kimura, Naka, Kawasaki, Yumoto, Ichikawa, Kim, Saito, Saeki, 2003
A computational model on the modulation of mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) and Akt pathways in heregulin-induced ErbB signalling
Hatzimanikatis, Lee, Bailey, 1999
A mathematical description of regulation of the G1-S transition of the mammalian cell cycle
Haugh, 2004
Mathematical model of human growth hormone (hGH)-stimulated cell proliferation explains the efficacy of hGH variants as receptor agonists or antagonists
Heinze, Keener, Midgley, 1998
A mathematical model of luteinizing hormone release from ovine pituitary cells in perifusion
Heldt, Shim, Kamm, Mark, 2002
Computational modeling of cardiovascular response to orthostatic stress
Herz, Bonhoeffer, Anderson, May, Nowak, 1996
Viral Dynamics in vivo: Limitations on estimates of intracellular delay and virus decay
Heyd, Drew, 2003
A mathematical model for elongation of a peptide chain
Hilgemann, Noble, 1987
Excitation-contraction coupling and extracellular calcium transients in rabbit atrium: reconstruction of basic cellular mechanisms
Hinch, Greenstein, Tanskanen, Xu, Winslow, 2004
A Simplified Local Control Model of Calcium-Induced Calcium Release in Cardiac Ventricular Myocytes
Hodgkin, Huxley, 1952
A quantitative description of membrane current and its application to conductance and excitation in nerve
Hoefnagel, Starrenburg, Martens, Hugenholtz, Kleerebezem, Van Swam, Bongers, Westerhoff, Snoep, 2002
Metabolic engineering of lactic acid bacteria, the combined approach: kinetic modelling, metabolic control and experimental analysis
Holmes, 2006
Teaching from classic papers: Hill's model of muscle contraction
Hornberg, Binder, Bruggeman, Schoeberl, Heinrich, Westerhoff, 2005
Control of MAPK signalling: from complexity to what really matters
Houart, Dupont, Albert, 1999
Bursting, Chaos and birhythmicity Originating from Self-modulation of the Inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate Signal in a Model for Intracellular Ca2+ Oscillations
Huang, Ferrell, 1996
Ultrasensitivity in the mitogen-activated protein kinase cascade
Hund, Rudy, 2004
Rate dependence and regulation of action potential and calcium transient in a canine cardiac ventricular cell model
Hunter, McCulloch, ter Keurs, 1998
Modelling the mechanical properties of cardiac muscle
Hunter, McNaughton, Noble, 1975
Analytical models of propagation in excitable cells
Hunter, Smaill, Hunter, 1995
A pole-zero constitutive law for myocardium
Hynne, Dano, Sorensen, 2001
Full-scale model of glycolysis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Iancu, Jones, Harvey, 2007
Compartmentation of cAMP signaling in cardiac myocytes: a computational study
Iber, Maini, 2002
A Mathematical Model for Germinal Centre Kinetics and Affinity Maturation
Improvement of metabolic performance of primary hepatocytes in hyperoxic cultures by vitamin C in a novel small-scale bioreactor
Inada, Hancox, Zhang, Boyett, 2009
One-dimensional mathematical model of the atrioventricular node including atrio-nodal, nodal, and nodal-his cells
International SI Units, 2006
International SI Units, 2006
Iribe, Kohl, Noble, 2006
Modulatory effect of calmodulin-dependent kinase II (CaMKII) on sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ handling and interval-force relations: a modelling study.
Irvine, Jafri, Winslow, 1999
Cardiac sodium channel Markov model with temperature dependence and recovery from inactivation
Itskov, Ehret, Mavrilas, 2006
A Polyconvex Anisotropic Strain-Energy Function for Soft Collagenous Tissues
Iyer, Hajjar, Armoundas, 2007
Mechanisms of Abnormal Calcium Homeostasis in Mutations Responsible for Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia
Iyer, Mazhari, Winslow, 2004
A computational model of the human left-ventricular epicardial myocyte
Izakov, Katsnelson, Blyakhman, Markhasin, Shkylar, 1991
Cooperative Effects Due to Calcium Binding by Troponin and Their Consequences for Contraction and Relaxation of Cardiac Muscle Under Various Conditions of Mechanical Loading
Jafri, Rice, Winslow, 1998
Cardiac Ca2+ Dynamics: The Roles of Ryanodine Receptor Adaptation and Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Load
Jelic, Cupic, Kolar-Anic, 2005
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